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Vittoriano Memorial - RomeWe’ll leave the city as the Popes did in the past, driving out along the Appian way direction south-east toward the Roman Hills. It is a volcanic area rich with vine yards, fruit plantations, olive trees and beautiful private residences. From the 15th century wealthy roman families started building their Castles (after wards transformed into villas) in this area, creating big allotments that got lost only in modern times. The Pope does still spend part of summertime in Castelgandolfo where we’ll make a short stop to look at the volcanic lake and see the papal palace from the main square.
Then we’ll continue toward Grottaferrata to visit the amazing old monastery of Saint Nilo, that reminds us the first Greek visitors coming across the sea to escape Arabic persecutions
and we’ll stop in a local winery to taste their delicious wine with local cheese and ham.
Info :
Half day tour with minivan / bus and guide – 4 hours.


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