ARCHAEOLOGICAL OSTIA >> a Journey through the Past

Ancient Ostia - Rome

Archaeology Roads Temples Baths Theaters Taverns Mosaics This tour to discover the famous port of Rome populated by merchants and traders for centuries, where to feel the life of everyday through ancient temples, houses, theaters, restaurants and baths. Absolutely worth a visit the archeological area of Ostia, 15 miles from the center,dated fourth century B.C. […]

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TIBER AREA >> from Paganism to Christianity

the Mouth of Thruth - Rome

Archaeology Mythology Temples Arches Theaters Island Tiber This tour focuses on the area of the temples and the ancient markets of Rome where pagans and Christians lived in close quarters at the beginning of the middle ages. The tour will take you along the Circus Maximus, the site of the ancient chariot race. With its […]

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