The Last Judgment - Vatican Museums - Rome Vatican City State

Frescoes Mosaics Statues Canvases Tapestries Galleries Rooms Founded in the 16th century by Pope Julius II, after the acquisition of the statue of the Laocoon and enriched during the centuries by more acquisitions and structural enlargements, the Vatican Museums with over four million of visitors a year are, in fact, among the greatest museums in […]

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Saint Peter's Church - Rome  Vatican City State

Mosaics Statues Alabaster Canopy Tombs Marbles Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is one of the biggest building in the world. Built among 176 years on top of the previous basilica of Constantine, has a length of 718 ft and a width of 206 ft. Sangallo, Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Maderno and Bernini, among others, are […]

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Saint Paul's Church - Rome Italy

Mosaics Statues Alabaster Canopy Tombs Marbles Saint Paul is one of the four main Churches of Rome and Vatican territory. Built by Constantine in the fourth century along the Portuense way and destroyed by a devastating fire in the eighteenth century was completely rebuilt with donations from allover the world. The inside is decorated by […]

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Church of Saint John in Lateran - Rome Italy

Mosaics Statues Chapels Altars Saint John in Lateran is the Cathedral and one of the four main Churches of Rome. Built by Constantine in 319 a.D. on the site of the imperial cavalry bodyguard was originally dedicated to the Holy Savior. The interior, redesigned by Borromini in the sixteen hundred, presents niches with statues of […]

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Constantine's head - Capitoline Museums - Rome Italy

Archaeology Statues Squares Canvases Paintings Mosaics On top of the famous Capitoline Hill are contained in three palazzi surrounding a central trapezoidal piazza in a plan conceived by Michelangelo in 1536. Palazzo Nuovo houses items from the Roman times among which are: the marble statue of the “Dying Gaul”, the statue of Capitoline Venus, from […]

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Bernini's Rape of Proserpina - Borghese Gallery - Rome Italy

Statues Paintings Canvases Gardens Mosaics Built to be the summer residence of the omonimous family in the seventeenth century, was transformed by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, nephew of the Pope Paul the fifth, into his own private art collection. Houses the Madonna of the Palafrenieri by Caravaggio, Apollo and Daphne by Bernini, the Entombment by Raphael, […]

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Velasquez  portrait of Innocent X - Pamphilji Gallery - Rome Italy

Canvases Statues Paintings Galleries Furnishings The Palazzo has grown over the centuries; it is likely the largest in Rome still in private ownership. The large collection of paintings, furniture and statuary has been assembled since the 16th century by the Doria, Pamphilj, Landi and Aldobrandini families.The collection holds a large number of seventeenth-century masterpieces works […]

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Church of Santa Maria above Minerva - Rome Italy

Fresco-Paintings Statues Canvases Altars Church of the dominicans, is considered the only Gothic church in Rome.It houses the tombs of the St. Catherine of Siena and the Dominican painter Fra Angelico. The basilica gets its name because, like many early Christian basilicas, it was built directly over the foundations of a temple dedicated to the […]

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Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli - Rome Italy

Chapels Canvases Statues Fresco-Paintings Built over an Augustan Ara primogeniti Dei, in the place where the Tiburtine Sibyl prophesied to Augustus the coming of the Christ, offers among its numerous treasures the Pinturicchio’s 15th-century frescoes depicting the life of Saint Bernardino of Siena in the Cappella Bufalini, the wooden ceiling, the inlaid cosmatesque floor, a […]

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Colonna Gallery - Rome Italy

Canvases Statues Paintings Halls Furnishings The first documentary mention notes that the property hosted Cardinal Giovanni and Giacomo Colonna in the 1200s. It was also home to Cardinal Oddone Colona before he ascended to the papacy as Martin V (1415-1430). The main gallery (completed 1703) and the masterful Colonna art collection was acquired after 1650 […]

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Corsini palace - Rome

Canvases Statues Paintings Galleries Furnishings The Palazzo Corsini is a prominent late-baroque palace in Rome, erected for the Corsini family between 1730-1740 as an elaboration of the prior building on the site, a villa of the Riario family, based on designs of Ferdinando Fuga.The majority of the major works in the collection were gathered by […]

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Broken Bridge by Roesler Franz - Rome

Canvases Statues Paintings Galleries Watercolours Palazzo Braschi is a large Neoclassical palace built by the papal nephew duca Luigi Braschi Onesti, to designs by Cosimo Morelli. Houses the civic museum of Rome Museo di Roma. The collection shows paintings of Andrea Sacchi, Pierre Subleyras, Pier Leone Ghezzi, Marco Benefial, Pompeo Batoni; statues of Francesco Mochi, […]

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THE VATICAN CITY STATE >> the Majesty of the Popes

the Vatican City State - Rome

Artworks Chapels Frescoes Paintings Galleries Churches Statues Mosaics On this tour we will visit one of the world’s smallest states and the seat of the Catholic Church. You’ll become acquainted with how the power and influence of the Church translated into the patronage of the world’s most influential artists and architects. Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael and […]

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THE CHRISTIAN ROME >> the Power of Faith

the catacombs - Rome

Churches Altars Mosaics Statues Columns Paintings This tour to visit the city of the christian devotion and its evolution during the centuries with the legends, the traditions, the culture, the churches, the decorations, the statues, the objects of cult. Discover the basilica of S. Mary Major built in the fifth century A.D. with its splendid […]

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