vittoriano memorial - rome italy

Archaeology Fountains Temples Panoramic Seat back and enjoy our panoramic drive through the city to see all the beauties Rome can offer. Drive through: Venice square with the Memorial of the first king of Italy named the Wedding Cake, the Roman Forum center of the city at the roman times, the majestic Colosseum, Saint Mary […]

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SQUARES & FOUNTAINS >> the Power of the Nobility

the Pantheon - Rome

Palaces Fountains Temples Squares Obelisks On this tour we take a leisurely walk through the historic center of Rome following in the footsteps of the great urban planners, patrons of the arts, social climbers, politicians who left their mark in the form of majestic squares, glorious fountains, stately palaces and inviting promenades. The Popes and […]

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ROMAN COUNTRYSIDE >> the discovery of the villas

the villa d'este in tivoli - Rome

Archaeology Fountains Temples Views Artworks Villas This tour to see the landscape of Rome where to find the tracks of the Roman splendor like the classic and spectacular residence of the great roman Emperor Hadrian, and where to find the sign of the richness of the Church with the splendid Villa of the cardinal Ippolito […]

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