Saint Peter's Church - Rome  Vatican City State

Mosaics Statues Alabaster Canopy Tombs Marbles Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is one of the biggest building in the world. Built among 176 years on top of the previous basilica of Constantine, has a length of 718 ft and a width of 206 ft. Sangallo, Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Maderno and Bernini, among others, are […]

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The Gesù church - Rome Italy

Canvases Fresco-Paintings Domes Vaults Sculptures Is the mother church of the Jesuits and served as model for innumerable Jesuit churches all over the world, especially in the Americas.The construction began in 1568 to Vignola’s design and was built according to the new requirements formulated during the Council of Trent. There is no narthex in which […]

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Santa Prassede Church - Rome Italy

Altars Fresco-Paintings Domes Vaults Mosaics Built on top of the remains of a 5th century structure and was designed to house the bones of Saint Praxedes and Saint Pudentiana, the daughters of Saint Pudens,St. Paul’s first Christian convert in Rome.The most impressive element of the church is the mosaic decorative program committed by Pope Paschal […]

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Santa Maria in Trastevere Church - Rome Italy

Canvases Fresco-Paintings Domes Vaults Sculptures Mosaics Basilica of Our Lady’s in Trastevere is a titular minor basilica, one of the oldest churches in Rome, perhaps the first in which mass was openly celebrated. The basic floor plan and wall structure of the church date back to the 340s AD.A Christian house-church was founded here about […]

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Saint Cecilia Church - Rome Italy

Canvases Fresco-Paintings Domes Altars Sculptures Mosaics Founded probably in the 3rd century, by Pope Urban I, and devoted to the Roman martyr Cecilia. Tradition holds that the church was built over the house of the saint. The baptistery of this church, together with the remains of a Roman Imperial house, was found during some excavations […]

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Santa Maria del Popolo Church - Rome Italy

Canvases Fresco-Paintings Domes Vaults Chapels Mosaics Erected in the 12C by pope Pasquale II on the sepulcre of the Domities were Nero was buried, has been enriched of masterworks like Fontana’s Cybo chapel , Sansovino’s funerary altars, Caravaggio’s canvases, Pinturicchio’s paintings, Maratta and Dal Piombo frescoes. In an episode of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons […]

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THE VATICAN CITY STATE >> the Majesty of the Popes

the Vatican City State - Rome

Artworks Chapels Frescoes Paintings Galleries Churches Statues Mosaics On this tour we will visit one of the world’s smallest states and the seat of the Catholic Church. You’ll become acquainted with how the power and influence of the Church translated into the patronage of the world’s most influential artists and architects. Bramante, Michelangelo, Raphael and […]

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SQUARES & FOUNTAINS >> the Power of the Nobility

the Pantheon - Rome

Palaces Fountains Temples Squares Obelisks On this tour we take a leisurely walk through the historic center of Rome following in the footsteps of the great urban planners, patrons of the arts, social climbers, politicians who left their mark in the form of majestic squares, glorious fountains, stately palaces and inviting promenades. The Popes and […]

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