Church of Saint John in Lateran - Rome Italy

Mosaics Statues Chapels Altars Saint John in Lateran is the Cathedral and one of the four main Churches of Rome. Built by Constantine in 319 a.D. on the site of the imperial cavalry bodyguard was originally dedicated to the Holy Savior. The interior, redesigned by Borromini in the sixteen hundred, presents niches with statues of […]

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Church of Saint Mary Major - Rome Italy

Mosaics Relics Chapels Altars Saint mary Major is one of the four main Churches of Rome and is territory of the Holy See. Built by Pope Sixtus III in the fifth century after the Council of Ephesus has maintained is original structure intact. In the Apse is one of the most important Mosaics of Rome […]

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Church of Santa Maria above Minerva - Rome Italy

Fresco-Paintings Statues Canvases Altars Church of the dominicans, is considered the only Gothic church in Rome.It houses the tombs of the St. Catherine of Siena and the Dominican painter Fra Angelico. The basilica gets its name because, like many early Christian basilicas, it was built directly over the foundations of a temple dedicated to the […]

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Santa Prassede Church - Rome Italy

Altars Fresco-Paintings Domes Vaults Mosaics Built on top of the remains of a 5th century structure and was designed to house the bones of Saint Praxedes and Saint Pudentiana, the daughters of Saint Pudens,St. Paul’s first Christian convert in Rome.The most impressive element of the church is the mosaic decorative program committed by Pope Paschal […]

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San Luigi de' Francesi Church - Rome Italy

Canvases Fresco-Paintings Altars Vaults Sculptures Designed by Giacomo della Porta and built by Domenico Fontana between 1518 and 1589is the national French church of Rome and actually entitled to the Virgin Mary to St. Dionigi Areopagita and St. Louis IX, king of France.Domenichino painted here one of his masterworks, the frescoes portraying the Histories of […]

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Saint Peter in Chains Church - Rome Italy

Sculptures Canvases Fresco-Paintings Altars Vaults Relics Also known as the Basilica Eudoxiana, it was first built in 432-440 to house the relic of the chains that bound Saint Peter when he was imprisoned in Jerusalem.Michelangelo’s Moses (completed 1515), while originally intended as part of a massive 47-statue, free-standing funeral monument for Pope Julius II, became […]

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Saint Cecilia Church - Rome Italy

Canvases Fresco-Paintings Domes Altars Sculptures Mosaics Founded probably in the 3rd century, by Pope Urban I, and devoted to the Roman martyr Cecilia. Tradition holds that the church was built over the house of the saint. The baptistery of this church, together with the remains of a Roman Imperial house, was found during some excavations […]

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THE CHRISTIAN ROME >> the Power of Faith

the catacombs - Rome

Churches Altars Mosaics Statues Columns Paintings This tour to visit the city of the christian devotion and its evolution during the centuries with the legends, the traditions, the culture, the churches, the decorations, the statues, the objects of cult. Discover the basilica of S. Mary Major built in the fifth century A.D. with its splendid […]

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