Saint Domitilla


Spread over 15 kilometers of underground caves are the best preserved and one of the most extensive of all the catacombs. Nereo and Achilleo, who were two Roman soldiers massacred under the persecutions (304 A.D.) of  Emperor Diocletian, are the two most venerated martyrs buried here. Once these Martyrs were buried underground in the Catacomb, during the Papacy of Pope Siricius (384-399), as part of renovation, a majesticapsis was built around the tombs of these Martyrs with a narthex subdividedwith aisles of pillars. on top of which has been built a basilica in the 4C; Another nucleus, which is very ancient belonging to the second century A.D., is the gallery of the hypogeum of Flavi which was originally private and pagan in nature. From the 3rd century, Christians were buried in this hypogeum with Biblical sceneries drawn on the tombs. The cubicles of Venaranda, of the twelve apostles, and the cubicle of Diogene are  also part of a guided visit.

Appian Way

58€/75€ Children/Adults

Open : 9am - 12am | 2pm - 5pm

Closed on Tuesday

3 hours

Schedule ( according with your booking )
  • Meet the guide at the meeting point at the given time.
  • Rich the site of the visit.
  • The visit will begin with the tour guide.
  • At the end of the explanations walk to the next site of the program.
  • If you have no other visits included this will be the end of the tour.
What You Should Bring

Nothing specific for this visit but bring a photo camera for the pictures. However as you are visiting the Catacombs wich are located underground where the air is cooler then outside, bring a light jacket maybe a good idea for the ladies.

Is a transportation included in this visit ?

No transportations included. Only if you booked separately .

Is there a dress code for this visit ?

YES in the churches and the catacombs dress code is requested: shoulders and legs need to be covered; cover your legs down to the knees.

 Do you need a  Transportation ?

If you need a pick up to join us at the tour starting point please let us know.

We can provide you a car or a van transfer service.

Create your custom tour adding visits

Add any site you want to visit and we will create an itinerary for you.


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