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Vittoriano - RomeSeat back and enjoy our panoramic drive through the city to see all the beauties Rome can offer. Drive through: Venice square with the Memorial of the first king of Italy named the Wedding Cake, the Roman Forum center of the city at the roman times, the majestic Colosseum, Saint Mary Major, the elegant via Veneto site of the dolce vita and the Aurelian Walls. Walking Tour – Reach the Trevi fountain superbly designed by Salvi 1735 still alimented by a 2020 years old aqueduct visited by million of tourist were you will throw a coin to ensure you to come back. See the Mars field with the incredible Pantheon dedicated by Hadrian and finally Navona Square once the stadium of Domitian dated first century A.D. with the famous four rivers fountain of Bernini commissioned by pope Innocent X.
Info :
Panoramic Bus tour & Walking Tour – 3 hours.


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