Food Tour


With this tour you will taste the local food on an pleasant walk through the city center. We will have a Cappuccino or an espresso to taste how the roman have breakfast, then continuing along the picturesque narrow streets we will have a stop for a pizza slice and try the famous delightful “Supplì” in a renewed local bakery. After we will pass by the local market for a taste of the roman Pecorino sheep cheese. For lunch we will visit a restaurant to eat two pasta dishes accompained by the local wine. For dessert we cannot miss,of course,  a delicious “Gelato“.

City Center

59€/79€ Children/Adults

No Sundays

3 hours

Schedule ( according with your booking )
  • Meet the guide at the meeting point at the given time.
  • Rich the site of the visit.
  • The visit will begin with the tour guide.
  • At the end of the tour walk to the next site of the program.
  • If you have no other visits included this will be the end of the tour.
What You Should Bring

Nothing specific for this visit but bring a photo camera for the pictures.

Is a transportation included in this visit ?

No transportations included. Only if you booked separately .

Is there a dress code for this visit ?

No dress code requested for this tour. The program of this tour do not includes any churches to be visited. 

 Do you need a  Transportation ?

If you need a pick up to join us at the tour starting point please let us know.

We can provide you a car or a van transfer service.

Create your custom tour adding visits

Add any site you want to visit and we will create an itinerary for you.


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