the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo - Sistine chapel

Born in Caprese near Florence on march 6, 1475 died in Rome on february 18, 1564, was painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer.His versatility in the disciplines he took up was of such a high order that he is often considered a contender for the title of the archetypal Renaissance man, along with his rival and fellow Leonardo da Vinci.[…]

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School of Athens by Raphael - Raphael's Rooms

Raffaello Sanzio (April 6 or March 28, 1483 – April 6, 1520, better known simply as Raphael, was a painter and architect of the High Renaissance, celebrated for the perfection and grace of his paintings and drawings. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, he forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period.

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The extasy of Saint Teresa by Bernini - Rome

Bernini was the a leading figure in the emergence of Roman Baroque architecture. During his long career, Bernini received many important commissions,mostly from the Popes. At an early age, he came to the attention of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, and in 1621, at the age of only twenty three, he was knighted by Pope Gregory XV. […]

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The Fortune Teller by Caravaggio - Rome

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, (29 September 1571–18 July 1610) was an Italian artist active in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily between 1593 and 1610. His intensely emotional realism and dramatic use of lighting had a formative influence on the Baroque school of painting, Caravaggio moved to Rome in his early 20s.[…]

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Church of Saint Ivo - Rome

Francesco Borromini, byname of Francesco Castelli (25 September 1599 – 3 August 1667) was a Swiss Italian architect who, with his contemporaries,Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Pietro da Cortona, was a leading figure in the emergence of Roman Baroque architecture. Student of the architecture of Michelangelo and the ruins of Antiquity, […]

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